Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Our Adoption Story!!

We hope that those of you who are in the process of adopting can learn something from our adoption experiences and failures. We have shared what happened as well as the important lessons we learned along the way. I can't believe how challenging the whole process was.  It was an emotional roller coaster ride. Worse than dating!!

That being said, here is where we now stand. At the beginning of 2010, after years of waiting and 2 change of hearts we "pulled our book" only to end up putting it back in again due to possibilities in Florida (which didn't pan out).  But since the annual home study was already paid for we decided to go ahead and give it one more year (just to see what might happen).  The original plan was to pull our book in December 2010 (the 5 year anniversary of our approval), but the last few months of 2010 were so tortuous (including a 3rd change of heart), that we decided to finally call it quits in August. 

We are the first couple in Catholic Charities history to ever experience 3 change of hearts.  We now hold the record for the state of Colorado.
Stick a fork in us we are done!! 

The reality is after some major grieving (and a lot of chocolate cake), I pray that we will be just fine.  If God wanted us be parents, we would be, but instead I guess he has other plans for us. I wonder what those might be???

So, if you have any questions or would like to post comments, please don't hesitate to ask or post.  Our blog is automatically set up to show most recent dates first, so if you would prefer to read the story as it happened just start with the "We've Been Chosen" post from the list on your right.   As you can see the blog is archived first by title (starting from the beginning of our story), and then by date (most recent first) in order to make finding what you need easier.

Take care and have a great day!!!!

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